Friday, August 4, 2017


In the holiday I went to gravity it is a trampoline park. I had to wear my new clothes I got from my holiday program at marist rugby club.we were going to leave at 6:00 and will come back at 7:00.

I went with my Mum,Thomas,Valencia,Henrieta,Huti,Isitolo,Mele and Tina.When we got there we had to get some socks and put it on before we can go inside and jump.There were heaps of kids I ran straight to the basketball hoop I was so good I only got 9 shots into the hoop.

Then I went to the ninja warrior course.There was a flying fox,monkey bars made out of ropes. Then we spotted something on the ninja warrior commercial right in the corner.We ran so hard and tried to touch the top me and thomas only got to the halfway line. So we gave up and went to go and do something else.

Next we went to the dodge ball pit and there was balls already throwing through the air and it almost hit me.But in the end my team won.So after playing dodge ball we went to the basketball hoop we took photos of us on the big box.

Then we went and had a competition to see who was the fastest jumper and who can land on the foam pit first.The first people to go up was henrieta and valencia but they were both a tie some of us won and some of us lost like I lost twice and won four times.Last we went to the olympic tramp we bounced and flipped then we took a little bit of photos then the man said that it is now 7:00 and the place is about to close so we packed our stuff and our shoes and went home and had hot chocolate The olympic tramp felt like metal on on my bottoms.

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