Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Silent Reading.

Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of sir stinks a lot

I read from this page 69 and ended at the page number 88 and this is what happened.
there are two kids named George Beard and Harold Hut chins.Harold is a kid who like to wear a tie and flip flops and George is the kid who likes to wear stripes T-shirt and the bad hair cut.They were kid who always got in trouble for changing today's plans and instead of saying Student and teacher art fair they changed it and now it says Teacher farts stain underwear.And one day the teachers were discussing some thing with their psychologist a space rock that makes you smart fell in the room the teachers were talking in.Then the teachers said to not touch or eat it  but when he finished and he was going to say something the other teachers froze with him and thought about the GYM teacher gym teachers like to pick up thing and eat it and when they looked and the rock the gym teacher was already halfway chewing the rock and says it tastes like chicken then the next day at school the other teacher wanted to join the gym teacher with his evil plans to finally make the kids respect the teachers mostly Harold and George thought the gym teacher.Then when the gym teacher was walking around down the hall way when he heard a little laugh then when he was walking he finally saw who it was it was George and Harold why was he not surprised.the next day at night the gym teacher thought of something amazing he would make an incredible stink that will make the students respect people and their teachers.

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