Friday, March 31, 2017

All About me

We are learning to write interesting sentences about ourselves.

We are learning to leave a SMART FOOTPRINT because we are SMART LEARNERS.

Malo lelei,
My name is Sateki. I am a year five and my teacher’s name is Mrs Middleton.
I am Tongan. I have five brothers called Nathan,Samiu,Huti and Isitolo.
I have four sisters called Valensia, Mele, Ivoni and Moana.
I enjoy playing games outside like basketball and jumping on my trampoline. I like flipping over dominos.
My favorite food is nachos.
I play rugby union this year and last year I played league.
At the weekend I watch tv and play outside.
My goal for this year is putting punctuation in my writing.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Welcome to Room 5

Hi Sateki,

Just a short post to welcome you to Room 5. It is lovely to have you in our class and I look forward to getting to know what an amazing learner you are.

Mrs Middleton