Thursday, September 21, 2017

5 Elements of a story.

I am learning my elements of a story to who the story is about where the story is set and how the story is set for my writing

typing test.

I am practicing my typing so I can be quicker and more accurate.

This will help me finish my work faster.

This is amazing because today I got my new high score because this is the highest that I could go today it was Ok but I need to go faster to achivie my learning goal

this is ok because this is three lower than my typing on friday like I sid I need to type more to achivie my learning goal and to be more accurate in my typing.

Whats my number

I am learning that numbers can be shown in many different ways I can show in my presentation some of the different ways my number can be recorded. My favourite way is making up a word problem.


I am testing how quickly I can remember my Basic Facts.

I need to remember my Basic Facts because they are the knowledge I need to help me with strategies to solve Maths problems.

This is who hard I tried and the only things I got wrong were my groupings within 100 subtraction to 20 and Addition to 20 the other ones were fine because I got 10/10 for them I need to practice my baisic facts more to achivie my learning goal.

this I ok because it is only one number lower than my one on friday but I need to do my baisic facts more to achivie my learning goal and move up a stage.

Monday, September 18, 2017

My Silent reading.

Image result for captain underpants and the radioactive robo boxers
Today I read Captainunder pants and the radio active robo-boxers. This is what happened. After Tippy trinkle trousers was chasing George and Harold one morning they had good luck when they found cave people to help them. They tried to attack Tippy with the cave people but they got sceared when he just arrived. So they ran straight to their cave. Next George and Harold had no idea how to make the cave people come back and fight. So they went with them to the cave. After they arrived evreyone was shaking with fear. George and harold had an idea.They made a fire then blowed it out and grabbed one of the burnt sticks from the fire place. Next they strated to draw on the wall soon every cave person there understood what they had written. Next the cave people were not afraid of Tippy anymore. So they started to start planning on how they were going to trap Tippy. Soon they even got what they needed.The next morning when the sun was rising the cave people and george and harold were ready to fight. When Tippy was looking for the kids they suddenly arppeard and Tippy started to chase them.When he was looking he looked down and stopped he saw a green vine atached in between two trees and he said laughing loudly is that all you got he said. He jumped over the tree when he reached the ground he slipped on mud and two big rocks came bashing into his head. Then he was so dizzy that he fell of a cliff.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

10 time tables arrays

We are learning how to show our times tables facts as an array and also our Family of Facts

5 time tables arrays.

We are learning how to show our times tables facts as an array and also our Family of Facts